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About us

ECH Jewelry is a new jewelry brand based in Barcelona.

The brand founder, Elena Chernyavskaya, draws inspiration from the intersection of contemporary art and jewelry engineering, creating unique modular jewelry pieces.

ECH Jewelry is based on jewelry assemble sets: each jewelry piece can be worn solo, but it can also become a base for a new jewelry configuration with the help of jewelry system of connectors and decorative elements.

ECH Jewelry engages its clients in co-creation: inspiring and pushing them to invent new jewelry configurations, making our clients become co-designers of their own jewelry pieces.

ECH Jewelry creates designs that go against the usual beauty standards. The brand questions the generally accepted norms of beauty, striving to show a different beauty and its diversity.

ECH Jewelry, with its inherent rebelliousness, urges to go beyond stereotypes, to expand the boundaries of perception, and to see the beauty of everyday life in simple and inconspicuous details.