Necklace 115 mm with one Fly on fly and with one Zigzag with two Fly and one Fly on fly in pink gold



115 mm Necklace with Zigzag and three Fly

  • Measures:
  • Details: 18k solid pink gold, 2.2 mm filament
SKU: ECHJ-C1N0003-PG Bases are shaped with 2.2mm 18k gold filament and a hexagonal cavity as part of our modular Screw System. The concept that sustains the variables between bases of the same Category (Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces) is based on serialization and proportionally scaled variables. Designed and produced mixing artisanal handmade handicraft and 3D technology, available in White, Pink, Yellow gold and solid gold black rhodium-plated.

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Pink gold